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Clubs for Students and Alumni

AVP Club

We connect real industry issues and skills with students who really have a passion for taking their craft to the next level. Community and networking are very important in our industry and this club is a strong first step in collaborating and working with your industry student peers and experts in the field.

Get Reel Club

When it comes to getting work in the Digital Arts and Computer Animation field, completing a demo reel should be your first priority. Your 2nd priority is to keep making it even better! Join in discussing current industry trends, looking at new and emerging technologies, and receive assistance and work critiques from department instructors and your peers.

ITNet Pro Club

Preparing students with high abilities and skills which can allow them to perform their tasks efficiently and raise their skills in the areas of Computer Networking and Information Technology in order to achieve success and self-professional excellence.

The Real Medical Billers Club

Come hang out with The Real Medical Billers and get an inside look of the medical billing world. From current event topics affecting the medical field to advice on dealing with difficult patients and everything in between! Bring your own concerns and questions regarding the medical billing field and get REAL answers!

The Entrepreneurs Club

The Entrepreneurs Club is open to all Laurus College students who are interested in starting their own business, or who have that entrepreneurial spirit. Club activities will include guest speakers, an opportunity to work with mentors, help in defining and refining business plans, and a chance to connect with and network with industry professionals and other students who can offer positive feedback and input.

Web Design Club

The Design Club is a way for students and alumni to meet with their peers to discuss current design trends, topics, and techniques. The club is also a way for students and alumni to get critiques and assistance from each other with their current projects and help them to grow their design skills through constructive criticism.